Based on the potential of the company and of sound administration and effective performance for the purpose of continuous development in our products, the royal stone factory for the manufacture of stone works of the highest quality standards in the production of reinforced concrete finishes in fiber glass and industrial stones and using modern machinery and equipment and Alttorh production came from years of experience in this field has been successful during the short period of time to build a reputation for excellence in terms of integrity and credibility And its ability to deliver and delivery of products in accordance with entrepreneurs requirements in terms of time, quality and budget, as it constitutes our organizational structure and a special team combines the areas of academic and executive, where he was always going to be interested in the smallest details to get to the best to ensure the best product techniques of scientific and practical experience make him at the forefront of projects in terms 

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  • كلباء – المنطقة الصناعية –ارض ملك يوسف حمد سيف العدواني , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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