Ministry of Labour

-All KF enterprises will be categorized as class (A) and will be exempted from the bank guarantee.

-This privilege shall not cover the following activities:


    -Cleaning Services

    -Oil Field Services

    -Labor Recruitment Companies



-Provide possible facilities for projects supported by the Khalifa Fund.

-To register all projects in the supplier's list.

-Continued cooperation between the two parties in all that would support the funded SMEs within a given sector.

-Exemption from registration fees.

-Mubadala will consider exemptions from the waivors, according to the company's policy on the basis of the nature of each project.

-Give priority to KF SMEs to participate and evaluate in tenders and practices within the available products and services.

-Both parties shall cooperate, follow-up and coordinate to ensure the provision of better facilities for projects.


Municipility of Abu Dhabi

-Giving the priority to participate in tenders and practices within the specifications and standards followed.

-Registration in tenders.

-Exempt Khalifa Fund's supported applicants from the guarantee fees.



-Register supported projects in the suppliers list in the procurement department.

-Include the supported projects in tenders.

-Continued cooperation between the two parties.