Fujairah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

-Grant exemptions from fees for issuance and renewal of certificates and modify membership certificates.

-Exemption from Bid bonds and any other bonds applied by the chamber except for performance bond where the exemption will only be provided after studying each case.

-Register projects in the tender list.

-Give the opportunity to those projects to participate in the bidding and practices the chamber offers.


Fujairah Municipility

-Exempt all or some of the funded projects from the municipality fees.

-Invite the funded projects to take part of the tenders and give them the priority in direct purchase once conditions are met.

-Follow-up and coordination to ensure the provision of better facilities for supported projects.


Fujairah Tourism & Antiquities Authority

-Provide recommendations on projects and facilities related to tourism and heritage.

-Call-funded projects to participate in exhibitions, and festivals related to heritage and tourism.