National Network For Small and Medium Enterprises

-Develop a spirit of cooperation and integration between national projects in various economic sectors and activities and to promote compatibility between the business establishments that are in under the umbrella of the National network.

-Be a part of the network for the exchange of information and experiences and to promote awareness and competencies associated with the field of business through seminars, events and specialized training designed specifically for members of the network.

-Work to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and the creation of loyalty towards national products.

-Encourage member companies in the national network on the development, improvement, and excellence in performance.

-Develop an expanded plan for membership providing a wide range of technical support services for those seeking to get advantages of the membership.


Royal Business Center

-Provide KF members the facility to rent at Royal Business Center for preferential prices according to the agreed schedule.


Union Corporation

-Purchase of goods supplied and services provided by the fund members to the co-op to be compliant and compatible with all specifications and all conditions that will be determined by the co-op in terms of quality and standards or delivery dates and after-sales service according to the agreement.

-Payments will be within 30 days.

-Giving members the priority from the main suppliers after complying with the conditions.

-Train Khalifa Fund members who are interested in working in the retail sector.

-Allocate 10% of the shops in the new locations for members in addtion to the 40% discocunt for the first year, 30% for the second year, 15% for the thrid year.

-Waiver from supplier registration fees and 50% discount on displaying and rents on main shelves for one year.


Wall Street

-Provide KF members with preferential prices according to the agreed schedule.


Zones Corporation

-Facilitating the procedures of industrial project to get industrial licenses and industrial plots.

-25-40% discounted rates depending on the price and location of the industrial space.