Urine Preservation

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Urine Preservative is designed for the rapid preservation of nucleic acids and proteins from fresh urine samples.  The Urine Preservative prevents the growth of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and fungi, and also inactivates viruses allowing the resulting non-infectious samples to be handled and shipped safely. In addition, the Urine Preservative eliminates the need to immediately process or freeze samples and allows the samples to be shipped to centralized testing facilities at ambient temperatures. The components of the Urine Preservative allow samples to be stored for over 2 years at room temperature with no detected degradation of urine DNA, RNA or proteins.

Norgen''s Urine Preservative is available in 2 convenient formats:

1.  Urine Preservative Single Dose Ampules
With this product Norgen's Urine Preservative is supplied in a liquid format in single dose ampules.  The user simply collects 5 - 50 mL of urine into a urine collection container and adds the contents of the Urine Preservative Single Dose (Cat# 18124).  The urine and preservative are then mixed, and the urine nucleic acids and proteins are preserved at room temperature.  

2.  Urine Collection and Preservation Tubes
Norgen's Urine Preservative is also available in a dried format in Norgen’s Urine Collection and Preservation Tubes.  The user simply collects urine into the tubes and mixes gently until the orange preservative pellet in the tube has dissolved. Norgen''s Urine Collection and Preservation Tubes are available in 3 convenient sizes:

  • 5 cc tubes, 1 - 5 mL of urine
  • 15 cc tubes, 5 - 15 mL of urine
  • 50 cc tubes, 5 - 45 mL of urine



  • Available as a liquid in convenient single-dose ampules, as well as in a dried format in Urine Collection and Preservation Tubes
  • No need to immediately process samples
  • Safe handling and shipping of urine samples
  • RNA/DNA/proteins preservation for more than 2 years at room temperature
  • Compatible with most DNA,RNA and protein isolation methods\r\n
  • Urine Collection and Preservation Tubes are available in 3 convenient sizes to preserve 1 - 45 mL of urine

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