Big Bubble Curtains

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The Big Bubble Curtain (BBC), is a compressed air system for sound absorption in water and underwater air curtain protection from any in/out oil or ny other object . We have developed this system in line with respective conditions and with subsidies from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear safety (BMUB) in Germany. The system serves primarily to provide sound protection during offshore piling work and offshore munitions blasting. The Big Bubble Curtain especially protects porpoises and seals which use ultrasound as orientation in water. The limit specified by the BMUB of 160 dB sound exposure level (SEL) applies in German waters of the North and Baltic Sea, measured at a distance of 750 m from the sound source.
also it has the benefits of protecting the Oil field Marine environment and seawater intakes.
We apply a flexible tube system fitted with special nozzle openings. It is installed at sufficient distance on the seabed around the location where sound is generated. Multiple rings can be applied depending on the condition of the seabed and the water current. A ship fitted with special compressors pressed during sound production with high pressure air in the tube system. The compressed air is discharged via the nozzles provided. The bubble curtain develops as a result of the continuously rising air bubbles. It changes the physical condition of the water. Acoustic waves are repeatedly broken and the noise level is reduced by up to 95 %.


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