Terms & Conditions

Term of use

First: The terms of using the Website of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development ("Website") applies to all site visitors and users. A user may be stopped and or prohibited from using the website and/or his/her use of the website may be terminated if he/she violates the terms of using the site or if there are reasons to believe that a user has breached the terms and conditions of using the site.

Second: users may not violate or attempt to violate the rules and procedures applied for site protection including but not limited to:

Access to data that aren't meant to be provided to this user; or the unauthorized access to a server or account.

1.     Attempt to test, scan or check the possibility to strike weaknesses in the Khalifa Fund's system or network, or to violate the procedures' integrity or documentation without a formal authorization from the Fund.

2.     Attempt to interfere in services provided to any user, host or network including but not limited to putting a virus on the website, overloading or flooding the website, sending advertisements to the website or flooding it with e-mails or crashing it.

3.     Sending unwanted e-mails to the website including advertisements and/or advertising products or services or forging any TCP/IP or any part of the address info in any e-mail or sending bulletin board e-mails.

4.     Using the website in any way to send e-mails or any other things from the website or on behalf of it, or by referring to it or on its name or identity which may be abusive or slandering to the Khlifa Fund for Enterprise Development, the website or to any person of any capacity; or to announce incorrect news or information and wrongfully attribute it to Khalifa Fund.

5.     Users may not copy, reproduce, distribute, re-publish, download, enlist, include or broadcast any content from the website in any form.

Third: any violation of the terms of use and breach of system or network will put the violator under civil and criminal liability; investigation in cases involving such violations and breaches shall commence immediately and legal actions will be initiated against violators.

Forth: UAE laws shall apply to any dispute that may arise between the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and any of the website users, and any relative legal actions shall be decided on by the courts of Abu Dhabi.