A J Security Clients

-Provide possible facilities to support the projects.

-Coordinate in organizing training courses in entrepreneurship and offer consultancy.

-Address and invite entrepreneurs to attend various seminars and conferences.

-Exchange of knowledge related to Small and Medium Enterprises.

-Cooperation to support initiatives and projects under the umbrella of Khalifa Fund.

-Grant exemptions from local fees for the issuance and renewal of certificates for projects supported by Khalifa Fund.

-Register the projects on the supplier’s list in all entities & authorities under the umbrella of the council.

-Grant priority to the projects in all tenders and activities that are offered by the council.


Abu Dhabi Chamber

-Three years exemption from the fees for issuance and renewal and modification of membership certificates for the first time.


Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

All food production related enterprises will be exempted from all licensing fees for 5 years from the date of inception.


Abu Dhabi Police

-Exemption from registration fees (Dhs 1,000).

-Exemption from the 10% bank guarantee.

-Providing the priority to offer their tenders.


Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company

-Exemption from registration fee in the suppliers list.

-Exemption from the bid and performance bonds related to entry of tenders.

-Giving the priority to participate in tenders and activities.


Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

-Two years exemption from the fees & ban guarantee.


Al Ain Co. Op Society

-Purchase of goods supplied and services provided by the fund members to the co-op to be compliant and compatible with all specifications and all conditions that will be determined by the co-op in terms of quality and standards or delivery dates and after-sales service according to the agreement.

-Train Khalifa Fund members who are interested in working in the retail sector. 

-Waiver from supplier registration fees and 50% discounts on displaying and rents on main shelves for one year.


Al Hilal Bank

-Exemption from registration fee in the supplier list.

-Exemption from fees and guarantees in tenders registration.

-Giving the priority in participation in the tenders and activities based on the followed regulations.


Critical National Infrastructure Authority

-Provide all possible facilities for the supported projects.

-Exemption from registration fees in the supplier list (Dhs 1000).

-Exemption from the performance bond which is 5% of the total value of the project to be issued by a bank operating in the UAE.


Department of Economic Development - Government of RAK

-Exemption of the projects supported by the Fund of all local fees imposed by the Department of Economic Development in Ras Al Khaimah.

-Register the projects in the supplier’s list based on the classifications after submitting the commercial licenses and make sure conditions are met in accordance with the systems and decisions.

-Invite the funded projects to take part in the available tenders and grant them priority in direct purchases once the conditions are met.

-Provide possible facilities for supported projects.

-Exchange studies and research to work together to prepare studies in fields of mutual interest.

-The exchange of data, information and statistics. 


Department of Finance

-Registration in tenders.

-Waving the projects which are supported by Khalifa Fund from the guarantee of entering the tender.

-Providing the priority to offer their tenders.


Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

-Register KF supported enterprises in its official "register of suppliers".

-Involve supported enterprises, where possible in published bids and tenders comprising any services or products provided.

-Exemptions from applicable registrations fees payable to ENEC for inclusion on its official "register of suppliers".

-Supported enterprises proposals shall be given priority over other bidders' proposals, only to the extent that such preference does not violate ENEC's procurement technical evaluation procedures.